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Dr Ajilesh Chacko (Aji) completed his Medical Degree in India, before moving to UK for further studies, in 2002. In the UK, he initially trained as a Surgeon. With an intention to practice as a Head and Neck Surgeon, he finished the Diploma in same. That’s when he developed an interest in the holistic approach of General Practice and decided to give it a go. Once he got the taste of GP, he fell in absolute love with it and was engrossed by the ‘Cradle to Grave’ model of care in General Practice.

As Aji has always set a very high standard for himself, he started hunting for knowledge in each and every aspect of Primary care and he ended up obtaining diplomas in Geriatric Medicine, Obstetrics/Gynaecology and Sexual/Reproductive Health from the respective Royal Colleges in UK. Aji moved to Australia in 2013 and he worked in Algester until April 2017. Then he bought into Your health medical centre in Acacia Ridge. He strongly believes that a good patient doctor relationship is the first step towards better health and well being of any of his patients and is a strong advocate of multidisciplinary approach in the provision of health care.

He has a multitude of special interests. With his surgical background, doing a fine job with the scalpel comes natural to him. He also gained experience in the field of Cosmetic medicine while in UK and has started to practice same here. He also spends a lot of time in Aged care and is always fascinated by the challenges on offer by virtue of the atypical presentations of illnesses in the elderly population. Dealing with ENT problems is something that has always interested him. Although these are some of the areas of special interest to him, he enjoys every single presentation in General Practice and he tries to squeeze in as much preventive medicine as he can` in day to day practice.

Dr Chacko maintains his membership with the Royal Colleges of General Practitioners, both in Australia and UK and is committed to high quality patient care

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