Wide range of available services

To help assist our patients on their health journey; in addition to the services listed below, we provide on site Pathology, Podiatry and over the phone Dietetics. The local area also has a number of pharmacies and dental clinics to assist our patients.

General medical

We provide a full range of family medical care. Our aim is to provide the highest standard of health care; ultimately it’s all about Your health!! All our doctors and Nurse practitioners have a commitment to general practice and continuing medical education. Our practice is fully accredited with AGPAL and operates to standards determined by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). All consultations and medical records are strictly confidential. To enable the best care for all of our patients, we have a well equipped treatment room where we perform minor surgery, ECG, spirometry (breathing test), ABI (circulation test) etc.

Health assessments

Visiting a GP is not something that should be done only when you are feeling unwell. It is of utmost importance that everyone takes the appropriate steps to lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent illnesses. The aim of the health check is to help find, prevent or lessen the effect of disease. This health check will give us the opportunity to look at your lifestyle and your doctor and nurse can support you by,

- giving you personalised advice on how to reduce your risk of illness by making healthy changes
- providing you with practical advice to help you improve your health
- putting you in touch with expert advice, information and support.

Women’s health

We provide a relaxed and comfortable environment for the health needs of women of all ages. Pap smears, breast checks, referral for mammography, family planning and contraception, fertility and menopause management are common consultation areas. Contraceptive procedures like implant insertion and depot injections are performed in the clinic. We help women in making their pregnancy period enjoyable and trouble free. Our doctors are aligned with the Mater hospital and referrals to Mater or Logan hospital in the public system or to any of the private hospitals for delivery of the baby can be organised.

Men’s health

We know that, in general men have a greater reluctance to seek medical advice. Men have a tendency to deny feeling unwell or shrug it off with that well-worn phrase ‘I’ll be alright’. The fact is that it may often not be alright. Like women, men too have specific health needs that require care and attention. Men’s Health Clinic makes it easier for men to talk about and understand their own health needs. Our doctors can help guide you towards a healthier lifestyle and teach you how to avoid health problems that typically affect men, such as High blood pressure, Heart conditions, Weight management, Prostate concerns, Urinary problems, Sexual dysfunction etc

Child health

We take pride in looking after your most precious assets! During the initial few months of life, we make sure your baby’s growth and developmental milestones are on course. We are always there to answer your questions regarding feeding issues or any other concerns. All the childhood vaccinations are kept at the clinic and are administered by our experienced practice nurse. We recommend all kids to have a pre school healthy kids check.

Care plans

If you have a chronic or terminal medical condition, you may be eligible for the Chronic Disease Management Programme offered by medicare. Our caring team can develop a personalised care plan for you and work with a range of allied health providers and specialists to co-ordinate the appropriate health care for you.

Cosmetic procedures

Dr Chacko has a keen interest in aesthetic medicine. He is highly experienced and has got over 15 years of expertise in performing cosmetic procedures including anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. If you are looking to further enhance your beautiful looks, make a no obligation appointment at no cost. Cosmetic procedures are not covered by medicare.

Skin checks

Your skin is actually the biggest organ you have – so let us help you look after it. Harsh Aussie sun means that we have one of the highest occurrences of skin cancers and melanomas in the world. Therefore, we encourage everyone to have regular skin checks. Our doctors carry out a thorough check of your skin using a dermoscope and may recommend biopsy / removal of any suspicious lesions which can be undertaken in the practice in most cases.

Minor surgery

Minor surgical procedures including excisions of skin lesions / lumps / suspicious moles, suturing of wounds and treatment of minor fractures are carried out in the practice. Our doctors have had special training in surgical procedures and years of experience in performing minor operations. We have state of the art equipments in assisting them with these procedures and as part of our stringent infection control measures, the non disposable instruments are sterilised on site after each procedure.

Work cover

We deal with a wide variety of work related injuries and incidents. We are conveniently located in close proximity to a lot of commercial establishments in Acacia Ridge. We work in close association with multiple businesses in the area to achieve the best care for their employees when it comes to the treatment of work injuries and rehabilitation. Usually there are no out of pocket fees for any treatments. If you are a business looking to work with us, please contact the practice manager.

Travel advice

Before travelling overseas, you need thorough travel health advice. Travel to certain countries also warrant vaccinations, malaria prophylaxis etc. We have access to up to date worldwide health information and vaccination requirements. An appointment at least 6 weeks before the proposed travel is desirable.


We provide full range of vaccinations for babies and children. Catch up vaccinations can also be organised through our friendly practice nurse. We are very proactive when it comes to COVID / Influenza vaccinations and other vaccinations for at risk groups.

Aged care services

Our doctors are committed to looking after our elderly population, be in the community or Aged care facilities. We try and provide the best care for them and always take into consideration the patient’s wishes when it comes to decisions regarding their medical care. We help people stay in their own homes for as long as they can and provide appropriate advice if and when they decide to move into a more supported accommodation. We work with different Residential Aged Care Facilities in the area and our doctors spend considerable time in these facilities looking after the elderly.


We provide in house chemical and electrical cautery of skin lesions that are amenable to such treatment. Make an appointment with one of our experienced doctors for a thorough skin check and treatments as needed.


Pre employment, driving license and insurance reports can be performed. Please ask the reception staff about the cost of these medicals and please advise them the purpose of the visit at the time of booking your appointment so that an appropriate length of time can be allowed. Remember to fill out the relevant parts of the form before seeing the doctor.

Mental health

All of our GPs can provide mental health support and services including the Mental health treatment plans. Mental Health Plans are available to patients with an assessed mental disorder who would benefit from a structured approach to the management of their treatment needs. All our doctors deal with patients who have psychological issues.


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